Elementary School Counselors

Social Emotional Learning at Home

As your Elementary School Counselors, we will be providing the following services for our PK-5 East Rochester students, staff, families, and community:

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  • Classroom Counseling Lessons
  • Group Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Staff Consultation
  • Family and Parent Consultation and Support
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Various other responsibilities (eg. IST team, PBIS team, ER Connection, Shared Decision Making Team, etc.) 

Electronic Parent/Guardian Counseling Referral Form 

Please call or email us at any time! 

Amanda Wigle - Grades 2 - 5

Phone: (585) 248-6315

Email: [email protected]

La'Ron White - K, 1 and Self Contained Classrooms

Phone: (585) 641-3110

Email: la'[email protected]

This site is updated regularly! Please check back as pages and information will be added throughout the year. Thank you for your support!

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